Sangria, a refreshing drink with a lot of history

Who hasn’t been to a party where sangria has been served? This delicious and irresistible drink has become one of the "guests" of honor of celebrations around the world. However, how much do we know of its origin and how it eventually became so famous? We want to tell you all about it is creation.

And even if you do not believe it, the origin of the sangria dates back to ancient Rome, a time when wine consumption was common because the few water sources that were found were contaminated by germs and other agents that caused serious diseases in the population of that time.

So much was the taste for wine, that the Romans began to "season it" with fruit or spices to give it a different flavor, and thus rediscover the drink that practically stole the spotlight from the water. It was so much the fanaticism for the wine that even the children took it with authorization of their parents.

The fame of the sangria quickly spread throughout Europe. However, it was in the Iberian Peninsula where it was baptized as with the name we know it today due its intense red color, which seduced the palate of those who lived in those areas of Spain, and who immediately adopted it as one of the most demanded drinks today.

And how did bleeding come to the United States? Well, it was introduced by a World Exhibition that took place in New York City in 1964 where in a Spanish stand they began to offer free samples of this fascinating drink. The mixture of flavors, in addition to freshness, drove the Americans crazy and now is one of the most popular drinks in the whole country.

So if you're in the area of ​​Boca Raton, you should take a walk around our premises, where we serve the most delicious and typical sangria of Spain, whose contrasts of flavors will drive your palate crazy and make you know a little of a drink with years of history and European culture.

Ask about our special promotions, where we will provide the best service and a high quality product, with the seal and flavor that characterizes the kitchen of Patio Tapas and Beer.

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