Taste tradition, taste some tapas

Tapas... What do you think when you hear this? Actually, this is a word in Spanish for like a cover or top of something, but, it is also considered an appetizer in some countries, specially in Spain. There's no better way to share great moments with friends, family, or even alone, than when you include tapas and a cool drink in your plans.

For spanish people, sharing tapas or, as they say: "ir de tapas", is like a tradition and, even though Patio Tapas and Beer's owners are not Spanish, they have decided to bring this tradition to Boca.

Speaking of traditions, how do you think were the tapas born? Different versions of the history of Spanish tapas have been written, and they all go back in centuries. There are many stories about their origin, but also about how to present them, taste them and share them. One of the facts that can be the starting point of one of the most famous elements of popular Spanish culture in the world (and that could even be considered as a World Heritage of Humanity) is that they are said to come from the Middle Ages, when people used to cover cups and glasses with a slice of ham so no flies, mosquitoes or powder enter the drink. Genius, huh?

This term has spread all over the World and, nowadays, people use it as a reference for delicious appetizers or, somewhere called, "pasapalos", "antojitos", "botanas", "picoteo", "pasaboca", among others. So, you can go to places like Mexico, Japan, Venezuela, Argentina and United States, and find specialized places in this tasty Spanish tradition, where we’re sure you’ll try more than one amazing tapa.

Some of the most popular ingredients in tapas are, of course, olives and olive oil, Serrano ham (known as jamón Ibérico), cheese, garlic, onions, chorizo, shrimps, octopus, chillies, paprika, herbs, peppers, tomatoes and eggs... Aren't you already craving for an incredible Spanish Tortilla?

Hope to see you soon, enjoying some of our great tapas in the best seats at Patio, where summer breeze travels all around yellow and blue umbrellas and good taste is always by your side.

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